The Tradd Street Bunch is Back in Full Effect!

The Strangers on Montagu Street - Karen White

Melanie has finally loosened up a little despite her crazy, weird way of life.  She's somewhat, bougie realtor with the ability to hear and see dead people. The author has done a bang up job with the main character.  Melanie is finally coming around and perhaps realizing life isn't just about selling real estate, shopping for Louboutins and eating sweets all day.


In this story (Book 3 of the Tradd Street Series) Melanie is just starting to adjust to her new life, which now includes the mom who deserted her when she was six years old, when a houseguest shows up on her doorstep.  Her "friend" Jack has a 15 year old daughter he never knew anything about it and she needs a place to stay.  Unknown to Nola, Jack's daughter, she is in for the ride of her life staying with Melanie who she equates to the little boy from the "Six Sense".


I found myself chuckling at the obvious sexual tension between Melanie and Jack and their crazy ghost adventures.


Funny Quotes:


Nola sees a Palmetto Bug (a flying cockroach) in the kitchen and loses it like most who have never experienced the creatures down south.

Nola:  What is it?

Melanie:  It's the South Carolina state bird.


Nola questions if sugar is in Ms. Julia's cookies.

Nola:  Are these made with sugar?

Ms. Julia:  Of course Emilene.  Why?  Are you diabetic?


Lol! It's just like a southerner to think you're diabetic because you don't want to eat sugar.