Fight For What You Want As Long as It's Worth Fighting For...

The Truth is in the Wine: A Novel - Curtis Bunn

I still don't like that the guy's name is Paul Wall. However, I have to admit I was wrong. I thought this book was going to be a waste of my time.  However, I was in fact a great story about two people who truly love each other trying to fix what is broken. In the process, they managed to bring two people who had distaste for one another together.

I really didn't care for the pregnancy tidbit (twice in four months, come on). I saw the long lost love coming back into the picture from the moment Ginger's mother talked about the man she had met. So predictable.

I loved the wine references. Absolutely amazing. Not too shabby mentioning two of my favorites...The Prisoner and Caymus Cab. Yesssss!!!

All in all I thought this was a great story. There were some editing ooops, but not enough to make you dislike the story as a whole.