The Strangers on Montagu Street

The Strangers on Montagu Street - Karen White

Being a Lowcountry native, this series peaked my interest.  Ghosts, old houses.  How could I resist?  So, I downloaded The House on Tradd Street and started reading.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Some people gave the book a lot of backlash because of the main character's "unrealistic" personality.  There were comments like, I just don't know anyone who could be so full of themselves.  Well to that critic, I say, "you aren't living in the real world".


I continued on with the series and downloaded the audio version of The Girl on Legare Street.  I didn't find this book as intriguing as the first, but it was okay.  It seemed a bit drawn out.  It was like being stuck on a merry-go-round that just wouldn't stop.  The narrator held my attention; however, I found the drawl of the southern accent to be a bit outdated.  Maybe I'm over analyzing.  Who am I to judge?


Now on to The Strangers on Montagu Street (50% complete).  Once again Melanie has to figure out why these weird things keep happening in The House on Tradd Street, thanks to her new houseguests (living and dead). 


Note to Narrator:  The story is set in the here and now (last 5 years).  Charlestonians do not sound like that.  Lose the drawl.  You sound like you are telling a story set in the 1800s.  Uggghhh!


Now back to Melanie, Jack and the rest of the gang.  Toodles!  Haha.