Church Folk Gone Wild!

The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride - Carl Weber

My title should have been the title of this book.  Yes, the cause of the effect was The Choir Director; however, this was a case of the entire cast acting a fool.  Well, maybe not Pippie.


Unlike The Choir Director, this sequel was just okay for me. A little drawn, but there was some good action.  The Bishop and The Choir Director throwing blows.  The First Lady whoring.  Obsessive Lesbians.  A STD carrying best man with a pregnant wife and the con artist from hell.  I'm out of breath just thinking about what all went down.


The only person I truly felt sorry for was poor Pippie.  He was the only one that had his head wrapped on tight and look what happened to him.  Dead and gone for no good reason.


I see this turning into a series.  The ending for this book left much to the imagination.  You never find out what happens with Ross and Selena or Bishop and Monique.  Then they bring in this absolutely bland, dry, boring so called ending for Aaron and Tia.  WT!


Come on Carl! You need to power up on the next one.