Aminata's Journey

Someone Knows My Name: A Novel - Lawrence Hill

Naïve, belittled, broken, persistent, tenacious, courageous, determined, empowered.  You pick how you want to describe this woman because in my eyes, she embodied all of them.


I absolutely loved this book and will forever remember it.  I enjoyed that it wasn't the typical "slave" novel.  I thought I would become bored with it in the beginning, but little did I know.


To be taken and enslaved in a foreign land.  To be bought and sold like thing.  To have your children taken away from you, yet still find the courage to continue on is what most people are unable to do.  They become broken and too weak to fight.  Their mind begins

to tell them that there is nothing left to fight for.  Not Aminata.  She is my hero!