Get Back to the Good Stuff

The Family Business 3 - Carl Weber, Treasure Hernandez

The Duncans are at it again.  Bang, bang, shoot 'em up.  Haha.


This was a quick and easy read.  However, I don't think Weber will ever be able to engage me the same way he did in the first book.  The first book was full unknowns, character introductions and plenty of action.  The last two have just been fill ins in my opinion.  I love the connection that was made between The Family Business series and The Man in 3B, but I just feel like the series is now missing that little something extra.


I loved Paris in the first book, possibly because she was the wild card.  Now, I am a little annoyed by the nympho.  Of course, one wasn't enough.  Sasha is working my last nerves too.


All in all, I am disappointed with the way Weber left me hanging.  Really!  What kind of ending was that?  Is the Minister still lingering outside waiting to finish off what he started?


Regardless of how it's going down, I can't wait to see this on the big screen! Oh and the ultimate connection to The Choir Director.  I know it's coming.